Choosing the right course for you

Free Taster  

This course gives you a feel for the format of our lessons and we have taken a few different lessons from different courses for you to try out.

Full Access to Everything
£30 per month

This bundle gives you access to all of the modules, all video lesson, all of our downloadable content, quizzes, booster packs and all the mock tests that can be  done online or downloaded to practise under exam conditions.  

Mock Test
£20 one off payment

You get access to our ever growing library of Mock Tests. We currently have over 20 different mock tests covering the requirements for the GL 11+ and specific tests covering the entrance exams for Wirral Grammar, West Kirby, Caldy, Saint Anselm's and Upton. We have online tests that will be automatically mark themselves. Using data we have collected for several years and comparing our test scores to passing grades of the real exams, you will be provided with a realistic passing grade. We also have downloadable options so you can take the tests under exam conditions. 

Upton Entrance Exam

This bundle gives you access to the verbal reasoning course as well as verbal reasoning mock tests that can be downloaded and taken under exam conditions.  Everything you need to prepare for the Upton 

Saint Anselm's

This bundle covers the English, Maths and Verbal reasoning for the entrance exam. It includes Mock Tests and answer keys.