• What is Study Time Online?

    Study Time Online provides online video tutorials & revision resources tailored towards the Eleven Plus examination. An A-Z collection of video content covering all of Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths. Engaging and supportive revision resources. Access to exam style questions with real time correction and automated marking. Our content is student focused, therefore we’ve created a collection of engaging lessons and exam-style questions, direct to the student. All for a small fraction of the cost of a tutor.

  • What do the videos cover?

    Study Time Online consists of over 150 videos, containing all the necessary topics that have frequently come up within the Eleven Plus in recent years. We’ve got an A-Z collection of video content that has been specially designed to cover all four subjects which include, Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths.

  • Does it work on my mobile / tablet?

    Yes, of course! Study Time Online was designed for the sole purpose of being able to learn anytime, anywhere. Our resources are available to view on all Apple/Android devices, tablets, as well as on all current browsers on a Mac or a PC. We are currently in the process of developing an Xbox and Playstation version.

  • How do I enrol?

    Simply scroll back up to the top of this page and select the package that you’d like to enrol in. Once you’ve completed your purchase the courses will instantly be synced to your account.

  • Are there any registration fees?

    We have a standard £30 a month fee for complete access. This includes all videos lessons, practice questions, booster packs and mock tests.